About the Photographer

I have worked in the Music Industry as a Live Event Photographer for well over 10-years. When I started down this path, I had originally wanted to photograph sporting events. Things changed when I discovered the local scenes in Western Washington. Travelling as far south as Portland, Oregon and all the way up to the Canadian Border, I knew that this was where I was meant to be.


In 2005, I started to get my footing with only a Canon Powershot which had about 10-megapixels and no more. I worked with bands who were just starting out, and my passion quickly grew and changed. This included Local Battle of the Bands for my Highschool's yearbook, local shows that cost maybe a buck or two, and occasionally promos and portraits. While I admit back then I clearly wasn't great, but I did enjoy what I did. So much so that I've continued on the same career path.

When I graduated high-school I decided to pursue my dreams through secondary education in the realm of fine arts, but quickly found out that College was draining and I was losing my spark. So I quit photography for a few years. In those few years, my life had changed dramatically. In 2012 I got married, which followed with having my daughter and shortly after I got divorced. No need to feel pity. The divorce was the best thing to happen next to having a kid, and I picked up my camera again after a prolonged hiatus. 

Once all of the drama early adulthood brought had settled, I decided that it was time to get back to work and I did just that. Working in the Seattle Hardcore scene for little over a year, and seeing the brilliance that I had missed for years turned that flame into a bonfire. Compiling all of these images and stories from these bands that worked so hard to be where they are encouraged me to be better at what I do. 


On January 1st, 2019, Scene Stories Northwest was established, and it began to gain traction. I've worked with artists from a few labels and was published in Alternative Press (this has been an end goal for years). It's funny looking back to see how far I've come, it really is amazing. Artists that I have worked directly were signed and that was the best feeling in the world. Watching them grow beyond the local dive bars and touring with large names, seeing them live out their dreams, I can tell you that these artists fill my soul with nothing but pride in their accomplishments. In the end, I want nothing but the best for the artists. I want them to be able to confide in me and know that they have me in their corner, always. 

As for right now? I'm working on creating a coffee table book that highlights the highs and lows of the Seattle Hardcore Scene. How much it has changed over the years and where these bands are at now. The thing is, everyone has a story and the Seattle Scenes are dripping with stories just dying to be told. If only the world can see just how special and important this family is to me, then I will have done my part.

Sara Lindsey